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Workplace Retaliation Lawyer in Orlando, FL

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Workplace retaliation is the term used to describe employers punishing employees for taking part in an activity that is legally protected. It includes any type of negative action involving the employee's job, such as firing, demotion, discipline, reduction of salary, and shift or job reassignment, but can also refer to subtler actions, as well. Federal laws are designed to protect employees' legal rights with provisions that make such acts of retaliation illegal.

While proving that retaliation has occurred can be a difficult process, our workplace retaliation lawyer in Orlando, FL, has what it takes to determine if you've been illegally retaliated against by your employer. When you've filed a claim of workplace discrimination or even discussed filing such a claim, your employer can understandably feel threatened. In such cases, they may conduct themselves in a manner intended to intimidate you and prevent you from pursuing further action. If you believe that you've been involved in this type of situation, be sure to reach out to The Leach Firm, PA at your earliest convenience to begin building your case.

Employee with Injury in Orlando, FL

Defend Your Legal Rights with Our Workplace Retaliation Attorney

Our workplace retaliation attorney brings over 15 years of litigation experience to every case, so you can be confident that we have what it takes to aggressively represent you. When you'd like to discuss your situation with our attorney, get in touch with us to arrange a visit for a free consultation. After speaking with you about the specific details of the alleged retaliation and providing the personal care you need, we'll have a solid foundation upon which to start forming a case against your employer.

Work with a Skilled Workers' Compensation Retaliation Lawyer

When you've been injured on the job, filing for workers' compensation can reflect poorly upon your employer. They may feel that such an action makes them appear negligent of their worker, causing them to retaliate against you. When you suspect that this is the case, reach out to our workers' compensation retaliation lawyer for further information.

Our Retaliation Lawyer Strives to Protect Your Legal Actions

Regardless of the type of action that your employer has taken against you, you could be eligible for compensation if the actions are proven to be illegal and your conduct is protected by law. When you work with our retaliation lawyer, you'll never be charged for any legal fees unless we recover the financial compensation you deserve.

Contact our staff to begin working with our workplace retaliation lawyer. We serve clients in Orlando, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Maitland, and Apopka, Florida.