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Restaurant Violation Lawyer in Orlando, FL

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Service industry employees are the backbone of our great nation, and at our law firm we are dedicated to making sure that they get the fair and legal treatment that they deserve. If you work at a restaurant and feel you have been mistreated and that the law has been broken, we are here to fight for you. Whether or not your employer wants you to know it, you have rights, and there are real consequences when your rights have been trampled on. Turn to our restaurant violation lawyer in Orlando, FL, to fight for the justice that you deserve.

Helpful Tips for Tipped Employees

While it is true that tipped employees make less than minimum wage, it is assumed by the law that you will still make at least minimum wage once your tips are taken into account. It is the restaurant’s responsibility to make sure that you receive at least minimum wage over the course of your shift. If they are failing to do so, or they are giving portions of the tip pool to non-tipped employees, you need the help of our restaurant lawyers.

As a restaurant law attorney we fight for the little guy, not for businesses taking advantage of the powerless. You are not powerless when you have us by your side. How your tips are handled and payed out is highly regulated by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). If your employer has done any of the following, we are here to fight for you:

  • Employer Adjusts Clock-in & Clock-out Times
  • Employer Charges You for Customers Who ‘Dine-&-Dash,’ Breakage of Tableware, & Cash Register Shortages
  • Employer Deducts Your Tips below the Cash Wage in a Tip Pool
  • Employer Doesn’t Calculate Your Overtime Pay on the Full Minimum Wage
  • Employer Doesn’t Pay Full Minimum Wage for Excess Side Work
  • Employer Doesn’t Pay the Difference between the “Cash Wage” & Minimum Wage When You Have a Slow Shift
  • Employer Fails to Give You Notice of Tip Credit or Tip Pool Deductions
  • Employer Fails to Pay You Full Minimum Wage When a Service Charge Is Imposed
  • Employer Never Gives You a Paycheck
  • Non-Tipped Employees Takes a Share of the Tip Pool
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Arm Yourself with the Knowledge You Need

Restaurants that take advantage of employees take advantage of ignorance of the law. Let your employer know that you understand your rights by contacting our restaurant-tipping lawyer for a consultation. We arm you with true knowledge of the law, and experienced attorneys who know how the system works.

Contact us to fight for the money your employer owes you. We serve clients in Orlando, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Maitland, and Apopka, Florida.