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If you're eligible to be paid for work outside of your normally scheduled hours, then you should receive the overtime pay to which you are entitled. When this does not happen, your legal rights as an employee may be violated, and you could potentially qualify for compensation. In the event that you believe that this is the case, be sure to reach out to The Leach Firm, PA at your earliest convenience to begin working with our overtime lawyers in Orlando, FL.

We have more than 15 years of litigation experience. Accordingly, we have the legal knowledge and resources necessary to aggressively represent you. The process of covering your denied overtime pay can be complicated, so we fully inspect all of the details surrounding your situation to ensure the best possible outcome. After determining that you are indeed eligible for overtime, we further examine your case to begin working toward the most agreeable resolution given your unique circumstances. We have worked with employees from many different industries to help them with their wage theft cases. It is because of this experience that we are able to take on many different types of overtime and wage-related cases from many different types of employees. Call our overtime law firm today for a personalized evaluation of your situation. 

We can help with all of the following issues and more: 

  • Wage Theft
  • Chinese Overtime
  • Unpaid Wages
  • Overtime Violations
  • Denied Wages
  • Underpaid Wages
  • Overtime 
  • Wage and Hour Violations
  • Shortchanged Wages
  • Forced to Work Off-the-Clock
  • Wrongly Denied Overtime

Build Your Case with the Help of Our Experienced Team

When your eligibility for overtime has been declared, there should be no reason for the accompanying funds to be withheld. Because overtime laws are easily broken by employers, it's important to keep them accountable when you are the victim of such a breach. During a free consultation to begin discussing the details of your case, our overtime lawyer provides personal attention to your case to make sure that you receive the help you need.

Our Overtime Lawyers Help You Recover Your Lost Wages

The Fair Labor Standards Act is a federal law that was established to protect all United States workers against wage theft and other workplace abuses. Our unpaid overtime lawyer will carefully study the specifics of your case to decide if this act has been violated by your employer. We will then take the necessary measures to ensure that the problem is resolved with the proper compensation. Our legal staff works with you to get the wages you deserve, and we never charge you any fees until those wages are recovered.

In some cases, your employer may not be acting maliciously or with the knowledge that they’re breaking federal laws, but the fact remains that you are not being properly compensated for your labor. Whether your manager regularly asks you to stay late after you’ve already clocked out or your employer made a computer error when entering your overtime hours that resulted in you being paid less than you should have, lost or denied overtime wages are a serious issue that your employer should not overlook. Our law firm helps you confront your employer and get the wages you should have been paid when you completed the work.

Stressed Employee Working Overtime in Orlando, FL

Get the Legal Help You Need for Your Off-the-Clock Wages

Have you ever been asked to work longer than your scheduled work shift, even though you’ve clocked out? Whether it’s a few minutes here and there or multiple hours every week, your employer cannot legally require hourly workers to do off-the-clock work. In addition to not paying you your fair wages, off-the-clock work can create all sorts of other issues relating to liability and workers compensation should you suffer an accident while working off the clock. If your employer has forced you to work off the clock or without proper overtime pay, get in touch with our overtime law firm to find out how we can help you. 

We provide representation for any situations involving off-the-clock work, so you can be confident that you'll never be cheated out of the compensation you deserve. Our lead attorney, Carlos Leach, is highly skilled and experienced with handling denied overtime wage issues. He has fought tirelessly against companies to win large cases, claiming what was rightfully owed to his clients. If your employer fails to pay minimum wage or fails to pay for all hours worked, you may have a case that we can fight for you.

Unfortunately, wage theft is a problem that does occur and, when it does, you should be very concerned. By calling our office, we can help you determine if you have been wrongly denied your wages. We are one of the best overtime law firms to choose to help you with your case for wage theft and overtime violation. This is because we have the experience and know how to take on your employer. We care about our individual clients and would love to hear from you. Reach out to us when you're ready to begin building your case, and we'll be glad to help you get started.

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