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Have you been underpaid for your work? If you have put in overtime at your job, but your check is less than you expected, you could be compensated for lost wages. At The Leach Firm, our aggressive and experienced legal team works diligently to present your case and mount an airtight argument. After determining if you are eligible for overtime, we examine your case to begin working toward the most agreeable resolution based on your unique circumstances. Schedule a consultation with our skilled overtime lawyers in Orlando.

Let Us Build an Airtight Case for You

You’ve worked hard -- especially if you volunteered for overtime or you’ve been required to do so. Under the law, you must be paid for time worked by your employer. Employers that act maliciously or do not pay are breaking federal laws. If you are an hourly employee and your boss often asks you to stay late, you are entitled to the correct pay. The same is true if your employer made a computer error when entering your overtime hours that resulted in you being paid less than the amount you should have. Denied overtime wages is something your employer should never overlook. Our law firm confronts your employer to get the wages you deserve. We can help with all of the following issues and more:

  • Wage Theft
  • Chinese Overtime
  • Unpaid Wages
  • Overtime Violations
  • Denied Wages
  • Underpaid Wages
  • Overtime 
  • Wage and Hour Violations
  • Shortchanged Wages
  • Forced to Work Off-the-Clock
  • Wrongly Denied Overtime

Recover Your Lost Wages

The legislators of the United States established the Fair Labor Standards Act to protect workers from wage theft and other abuses at the workplace. As a skilled overtime lawyer that helps clients who have been underpaid, we carefully study the specifics of your case. Then we determine if the act committed by your employer is an overtime violation. Our legal staff works to get the unpaid wages you deserve, and we never charge you any fees until those wages are recovered.

Our overtime lawyer provides representation involving off-the-clock work. Rest assured, if your attorney is at fault, you can be confident you won’t be cheated out of compensation when you depend on us. Carlos Leach, our lead attorney, is highly skilled in handling denied overtime wage issues. He has fought tirelessly against companies to win large cases, reclaiming what was rightfully owed to his clients.

Stressed Employee Working Overtime in Orlando, FL

Contact us to discuss your overtime case with a knowledgeable professional. We proudly serve clients in Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding areas.